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okay so there was this one time i went to walmart with a friend and someone just left their kid in the ball cage and it looked like walmart was selling children paired with a ball for five bucks

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three months later this only hurts more

the moment dan realizes he’s alone and the moment we realize phil’s feeling just as alone

I realise I just reblogged this but I cannot get over how sad Phil looks until he realises the camera’s on him.

He waited until Dan turned away to wipe some tears away -he was crying. That is the saddest forced smile I’ve ever seen.

Can we take a moment and appreciate that Dan put Phil’s lion next to the screen where Phil was?

this gifset hurts me in a physical sense you dont understand. it’s like they’re always on each other’s minds and you can tell how much they wanted to be together in this episode, save for the like whole hour phil wasn’t there because of bad connection. you can tell they’re thinking of each other by the absence of their smiles.

i also feel horrible because im just now noticing how forced phils smile is in the second gif. i always looked at it before and thought ‘something doesnt seem right…’ before but now i get it. you can see the pain in his eyes. ouch. and his smile just kind of - i dont know how to explain it - like, switches on, you see that? you know what i mean? like, one second it’s not there, and then, ‘nope i have to be happy for everyone watching!’ and his eyebrows were even the slightest bit furrowed together in sadness before he quickly raised them to match his smile.

and the first gif. just. no

dan stops smiling and realizes that his best friend isnt there with him -not physically- to share his happiness with. i think the thing that gets me most is just how you can see the happiness just instantly drain from his face and he just kinda sits and blinks for a moment processing that he’s alone. he even stops swaying his body to the music.

dont breathe near me i need to take a few hours to calm down

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